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Project Description

A starter project to help SharePoint developers build apps in a MV* pattern, using AngulrJS' and SharePoint hosted apps' best practices.

This project is using Model View View Model (MVVM) pattern for UI development and supports event-driven applications and AngularJS framework to create a SharePoint 2013 Hosted App.  

Single Page App (SPA): SPAs, in a nutshell, are web applications that only load one HTML page and all the other content will render as the user interacts with the app. These contents are loaded asynchronously using Ajax avoiding constant page reloads enhancing the user experience.

Makes REST API calls to a SharePoint list
Has read access to host web.

Project Contents
V1: Basic MVVM project skeleton. 

Please try to contribute to this project by :

This project currently does not have a unit testing component included in it. Please feel free to contribute using either Jasmine or Karma to write your unit tests.

Legal Stuff: This project is licensed under Apache License 2.0.

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